Data and Text
into Insights Automated

Accelerate Your Automation Journey with Custom AI Solutions

Empower Your Business with In-House Large Language Models

Unleash the Power of AI: Build and Deploy in weeks

Big Data and Documents

Efficiently Ingest, structure, map, and visualize through powerful dashboards.
Utilizing Machine Leaning, NLP and Large Language Models (AI) for tangible benefits, not just for show.

Strategic Insights

Transform insights into winning strategies and impactful action plans.
Gain a deeper understanding of your business performance, client needs, and cost structure for informed decision-making.

Power of Automation

Unleash the full potential of automation for your business. From streamlining complex tasks (like court claims or investment analysis) to optimizing daily operations, you'll be amazed at the possibilities for increased efficiency and growth.

With great power comes great productivity

What we offer

From Strategic Advisory to Automation and everything in between

Strategic Advisory

Support your business in making the right decisions, grow faster and eliminate competition

Informed Decisions

Leverage rigorous analytics to derive accurate facts, enabling confident decision-making and driving optimal outcomes for your business

Data & Analytics

Data ingested, structured, mapped, and visualized through powerful use of technology


At the core of everything we do: repeatability, allowing to key your cost down

Large Language Models

Get tools to read emails, contracts or social media as well as writing emails, legal documents, memos and more

Prediction System

Develop smart tools to predict the unforseen

Why Choose Us

Turn valuable data into immediate insights and impactful strategies.

Smart Solutions
Industry Experts
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Industry Expertise

Banking Insights and Benchmarks

The banking industry is crumbling under the weight of data, very rarely extracting the full value. We target all types of data, including client data, performance data, compliance data, regulatory data, etc. We also provide industry benchmarks to further increase the value of your data We have deep expertise in Capital Markets and Transaction banking.

Fintech / Insurtech Grow faster

Insights turned into winning strategies and powerful action plans.
Insights about your business performance, your clients, your cost structure.
Deep expertise in Financial Services.

Law Firms Automate Class Actions

The legal industry is being transformed by automation and AI driven solutions for document creation. We can assist in choosing and implementing some of these solutions.
We also specialize in getting insights, arguments, and evidences out of large dataset, especially in Class Action Lawsuits and Mass Arbitration proceedings.